Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sculpting Faces

I have been practicing faces for a few days and after a couple I had to squash I finally got one I can live with.  She looks pretty with a little hair and makeup, though this pic is before all that.

Also I have attempted my first asian face, and I actually like her too.  So maybe she looks kinda half asian half american, I dont know but I think I can pull it off when it's all done. She will be the face of my next sculpt, a mermaid.  I've been working on the base, and I'm about to start on her.  WIP pics in a few days...

Also I have started to use a wire armature in the hands themselves courtesy of the tutorial from Renata Jansen on IADR and I love it.  It helps so much and no more worrying about broken fingers.