Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hot Mermaid WIP and stuff

                                                          Here she is so far...

Here is my work space.. a tiny brokedown computer desk in the corner of my living room.  I bet I could get alot more done if everything wasn't packed as tight as it will go, and I wasn't knocking everything over every two seconds, so if my mermaid sells Ima buying a decent used desk and storage stuff and making my livng room a studio. Why not?
And here is my mostest favoritest sculpting tool I have...
A Cheap Nail Thingy... is it a cuticle pusher or something? I dont know but it was in a little dollar manicure set and I could not live without it.


  1. Hi Amanda.
    She is coming along really nicely and if I lived alone I think I would turn my whole place into a studio. It is a passion and is also very obsessive at times.
    And y'know what? I too have the exact same favourite tool. I am learning a lot still but somehow, tools and some things are simply instinctive aren't they.
    I am working on my first fairy now. I hope I can become as good at sculpting figures as you do.
    Glad you are back into it.

  2. Very appealing face. The finished article is going to be excellent!

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